Sunday, May 6, 2012

...Ustaz Zapin...


last wednesday i got a text from my bro eddy, he asked me whether i was free or not on Saturday free or not... so i was like ''Y?.. is there anything u want from me? akak free je''... so he replied ''no..on saturday nite a de teater at ump gambang.. nak tgk x?'' so i got excited n asked about the details...hehehehe

so last nite i went there with ayu..a little bit late but alhamdulillah i just started.. i feel like watching my play when i was in college...hehehe... da whole play was good although there some problem with sound system... the heroine was so beautiful n she remained me of a girl that sung at dinner when i was there last year for Symbion 2011.. hehehe.. she really is the singer... so sweet... its was a musical theater ... there was a group of zapin dancers... so cliche with my play during junior days..heheheh..

i got shocked when i saw eddy..wahh.. i never believed that he really that good..hehehe.. although he was only the supporting cast but it was really  AWESOME + DAEBAK!!!!!!!!... thumbs up bro!!!!

hehehe.. it was good....



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