Tuesday, December 13, 2011

..MiSS u BabY!!!!!!...

its good to be able to write again..
so many things happen..
from the day that i finished my internship..
new sem for final year..
papa diagnosed for minor stroke..
ali, emi and ilah finished their UPSR, PMR and SPM exams..
school holidays..
mid term exams and coming soon enough end of semester exam..
final year project..
project seminar presentation with Lina, oPpo n me..
trip to Sg.Panching waterfall with Taekwando Club..
a trip to Apin's House in Air Hitam..
and next function gonna be AGD SCIENCESS..
hehehe too many to story morry..
but dont be sad baby..coz i'll filled up all da pictures and videos...
YEAHhh sure just for u...

p/s: still i have to finish my lab reports and assignments..plus final presentation...