Monday, March 21, 2011

..Fitrah alam..


post kali ni nak ckp dalam bahasa melayu..

pagi ni syahdu je..
rasa nyaman..
sejuk tp mendamaikan jiwa..

bunyi burung2 bwtkn aku rasa mcm kat kampung 12 tahun yg lalu..
sukar nak digambarkn kembali..

waktu tu rasa seronok sgt bile balik kg..
dulu lain sekarang lan kn..

waktu dulu x boleh diundur lagi..

nape mcm tu ea..
rasa mcm semlm je aku ade kat kg..

tambah2 lg suasana mcm ni buat aku rindu..

rindu pada kedamaian yg ade kat kg..
kat sini rasa..
tp waktu kat kg akan rasa lg seronok ..

kampungku yg hanye tinggal kg..
sejak arwah pergi..ntah ape yg jd pd rumah tu..
harta memang akan jd rebutan ke pada saudara mara..

bukan ke kite patut kongsi...

aku rindu kampung yg dulu..

ya allah kau lindungilah arwah nenek ku di sana..
begitu juga dgn arwah pak ndak ku..
sesunguhnya Kau yg maha esa dan maha pengasihani..
aku rindu dgn mereka ..kau tempatkn lah mereka di kalangan makhluk mu yg Engkau sayangi...

..TeNnis OpeN tOurNamenT..

...No SkiLl..YeAH!!!..

Monday, March 14, 2011

..inTenSiVe TraiNinG 2011..

..awesome...BesT GeLL!!!!..

last saturday, we, da taekwando club members had made Intensive training program...
at 1st we got worry bcoz da world in chaos rite now..
u must already heard about japan's earth wake and tsunami..
it was just devastated..
seriously it affected our country...
in kuantan we had continuous raining..
but alhamdulillah that morning we only had light rain..

we were really great full that we had 2 committed coach ..alang n faisal..hehehehe..
da training was not a usual training..
basically i can say that it was tremendous, weird but it was true n really getting our nerve uncontrollable...

we started late but da impact really despicable..
really.. for those who missed it ..too bad for u guys..
n for those who came..u guys having fun rite...hehehehehe

thanx to kak fahima n salam for taking care of our food..
kimi our money holder .hehehehe..
syuk, huda, haikal, nadia, nabila, amira n da geng..
thanx was really unforgettable moment...

hope to have this kind of program in da future..
love u guys..


Thursday, March 10, 2011

.. i jUsT DonT unDersTAnD!!!!



how would u feel when u r frustrated..
or what if u r not satisfied with someone..
or what if u angry with someone.


i just cant see his/her face rite now..
seriously ..

please dont make me revealed my temper...

i dont wanna show it..

but sometme it just cannot control..
it came out naturally..
it really make me feel afraid..

i love u..
but the way u took make me mad..


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..SampLing AgaIn..

..iNsTiTuTe BioDiveRsiTy, Krau & DeeRLanD..


hehehe..i guest may be this was the last field trip for us..yesterday we went to Institute Biodicversiti in lancand, pahang... its actually a government institution that concerned on preservation and conservation of animals and plants also ecosystem in reserved forest in malaysia which are under federal constitution..

at first arrived we had our morning tea, after 2 hours journey.. then we went to the conferences room to hear a talk on the current status of malaysian biodiversity...

then we went to the campaign park to collect some insects, butterfly and etc...since it is a restricted area we could not take alot like before...only selected insects and plant species were allowed to be taken.. 

then we had our lunch..honestly the lunch there was better then the previous one..hehehehe..after then we had our prayer...

around 2.30 pm we were divided in to 2 group which one would be entered information room while onother one would be in the museum..

my group 1st entered the information room...we were explained more on the concept of biodiversity that the PERHILITAN applied in preservation n conservation..there were many fosters exhibited for the tourist and as for student there are lots of useful information.. other than that we were introduced to the preserved animals like tiger, crocodile and also a fractures of sumatra rhinos..
there also exhibits lots of the 'org asli' tools for hunting and traps..since most of us really excited and also not to mention over excited and made them tired..hahahahaha...
then we exchanged with another son as we entered the museum..every faces stunned and shocked..there were lots of preserved mammalians, reptiles, insects and etc...the most unforgettable one are the shelves off preserved bats, frogs, snakes or even rats were placed there...

after some time there...we were gathered at the lobby.. then we moved to the Deerland..

in deerland we were given opportunity to fed the many..n there also an ostrich..hehehe the best part was that the ostrich kind of like to provoked peeps when it saw nobody like screaming when it came or approached us..hahahaha...then we took some pictures..

in deerland also have few cages that contain peacock, snake, bear and otter.. at snake cage we were allowed to hold it and took pictures..for some of the sisters who afraid to hold it , they just sit and watched others..then at the bear cage..the bear was fed by one of the guardian.. it was an awesome experience..

we were sad bcoz we cant go to kuala gandah ... since its already we missed the chance to ride on the elephants there..huhuhuhuhu..

till then...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


...aSsigNmenT...gRoup wOrk...ProPosaL...


why did the time run so fast?...
im sure some of us have been thinking about it..

actually ... we have to manage our time smartly..

me as student ..some time do work at the very last minutes..

when i think again it actually such a waste..

as time passes by n my age also had added..hehehe...i ask my self what actually i want in my life..
if i was asked his kind of question before..i would answer..what ever i had started something i must finish it no matter what happen..and the outcome some achievable n some just moderate..

so friends...
we should appreciate our time more than our lover...honestly it what i do... divide the time according to the priority and schedule what to that nothing will be miss ...


smile always..=)