Tuesday, June 16, 2009



x th la nape ...penat btl..sejak balik cuti sampai sekarang..penat betul layan budak kecik ih..ni blm lg jd mak budak..ntah ape la..nanti kan..

yg jd masalah utamanya ali la..ade ke patut dah standard 4 pun bley kencing mlm lg..aduih..sakit tul..adk x kecian kat akak ke..dah besar dah..kalo bab mkn ..main game..bodek mama n pap bley plak buat sendiri..ni kencing mlm..cian diri ku sendiri..

x th la ape punce nye..last time ari tu die ckp mlas nak bgn ..amboi..sedap mulut je ckp..

tgk la lg sekali die kencing mlm i'll ask papa sunatkan terus biar die rasa..hahahha..

"adik watch out!!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

experience teaches me...


weird..well life is more complecated..what to do..its the fact..every single person need to accept it..this is my view of life..read n think..my be my words will inspire urself to become a better person one day..

H stands for HAPPINESS..
all of u required happiness to make life easy to go..although the pouper need it..we can get happines from anywhere and anytime..happiness can be achieve when you fill satisfied of urself..happines is so easy to get..by singing..dancing..painting..doin adventures activities..or even screaming..all of these makes u happy..when u happy you got lots of friends..feeling relax..no tens..n releaves one self..

S stands for SADNESS..
the question is..why do you feel sad..sadness can be overcome in many ways..sadness sometimes will make become psyco or even mantelly distrupted..my advice..when u feel sad just get buzy of urself..do lots n lots of activities..try to forget what make u sad..believe me its works..n for da muslims..pray..insyaallah u will feel better..

H stands for HARDNESS..
what do u do if u dont have money..human being cant live happy without money nowadays..its hard when u lost ur job..u had been declared broke..for me..hardness teaches u to be tough..think forward..find the most important thing in life..u feel hard if u say so..but..for those who think this hardness is a challenge..an obstacle to overcome..you should be prepare for future..

C stands for CURIOSITY..
our brain is unique..for every single thing happen to u..u will thing is it suites u well..u cant avoid this feeling..

sorry..this is for da time being..its jammed..hehehe..till then..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

iTs bEeN sO LOng...

...miSsiNg piEce Of miNe...

long time..
within this period..
a lot & lots thing had happenned to me..
within out this blog..
with lots of cooking ...
with lots of laundry...
far away from my love one..

what to do..
but i'm gonna miss home once i back to hostel..

p/s: hey wait up for my dos & acts soon...hehhehehehe....