Friday, July 31, 2009

..bEaR aDmiTTeD...

...oLd fRieNd..

im quiet shocked after receiving new that bear a.k.a Fathin HAnani was admitted for 3 days since yesterday evening..i had realised that in da way she spoke at last time we met..

pity her..thanx to husna who accopanied her for da whole nite..n for those who sent her to goin to visit her soon this noon...

hopefully she is getting better..

very well bear...cpt2 baik..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

...dUiT BaRu...


sape yg da dpt pegang duit rm50 baru..
hahaha..i just got one..

wanna c it..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...ceLL & tiSSuE cuLtUrE LaB..

...oNly 4 oUt Of 30... we had observed out tissue culture from da prvious lab session...sadly only 4 is in good condition which means we can see the formation of callus instead of the rest were contiminated...

too bad..the lab assistant told us that the problm basically due to da laminar chamber or may b out scalap had contiminated or may be while transfering da explantcontimination occured..another reason is that we had a lot of talk due to too excited while doing da experiment..

so as the result...

..rEsT iN pEacE..

...a fRieNd hAd gOnE..

this morning i was shocked by a bad new ...our friend..a sister.. Maslina a.Razak had just passed away this morning...

let us pray n recite al-Fatihah for her...hope she rest in peace...may Allah bless her..n placed her within org2 beriman...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


...da 1st aCtiViTy of Da SeM...

hehehe..actually its not really da first activity of da new sem..well its like da start of my life as second year biotech student and "senior".. hehehe..

yesterday it was so hectic..y? ..coz in da begining we decided not go for an outing but since da day b4 yerterday we cnt go out so we tpped it up..

it was fun ..during lunch hour about 12 noon we went to Berjaya Megamall..heheh..i bought new sport shoes.its like as revenge for my ........bcoz not telling me any thing.. again i dont like to be left behind...

we ate McD..hehehe...then we had to go back bcoz there some body wanted to rent da car that we hads time i wanna bring my own car hahahaha...

that evening apin n i went to Taman planning we should jog...but hahaha.. since its da first time ...we only jog a bit and then do some light for today i have to go for taek wan do trainning....

then too bad for me ...last nite i had a replacement class for EAP which stand for english for academic perposes...we only discussed either we can use da topic given or not..for me its actually quiet complicated...i cant imagine how is it my term paper can be.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


...iTs kiNd A fUn...

hehehe..well although we got class today but just in da morning..hhehehehe...

well..last nite papa called that time i was wearing my mask..hehehe..
he hold it for a second n then we talked..

he bought a new broadband..i got an gry at once..oh god..papa wake up..

as it fruits seasoning..there lot of fruit at home rite now..durians, langsat n watermellon..hehehe its good to be home rite now..huhu..i mised home..

lot of things to do hire..the subject getting harder n harder..i just cant make easy for those things..

well...i just got my text book for cell n tissue culture for animal..hhehehehe..

..LaSt NitE..

..CiAn iZzaH..

last nite when i was reciting al-quran..izzah sneaked into my compartment..after reciting izzah asked me whether i can drive her to da nearby clinic or not... b4 that ..that eve, i saw izzah ..she was pushing her stomach n she cant even stand in da good gasture..

so we went to da private clinic around IM8..

its been so long for me..last time we hang out together since we grad from CFS..well..some peeps said..true friends never can find..

but not for me...

honestly, with da present of izzah n not feeling lonely..altough we r not in da same course but we still care for each other..a little chit chat may up da old memories..hehehe...
so izzah get well soon..n both of u izza n ayu tahnx so much..i really appreciated n i'll hold our good n bad times to gether..

p/s: gurls njoy today activity..careful with pacat n lintah..selamat mengeratkan ukhwah..

Friday, July 24, 2009


..jUst foR aLL pEeps nExT tO mE..

no body can read what in others mind..
unless they r psicic..
n mushy2 things..
special dedication is for those::
who b4 thiss never talk to me n yet had a good chit chat..
who b4 this feel angry with my immatured act n thought..
who b4 this just look me far away n watching me all this while..

thank you soo much..
i really appreciate all of them..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

...hOliDaY oWesOme pIcS..

..iJoY's cOnvOcaTiOn..

..kOlaM aIr pAnAs La..

..jErAm lEnAnG..

...mAkAn dUriAn..


...dear readers...

...later i will display all da pics during my holiday n several new pic..
...just stay down n be patient k..

...bUkA pUaSa...

..dalam ramai2 kawan..

errmmm...its been 1 n a half week in new sem..fasting monh coming just get replace my fasting as soon as possible...

actually this morning we got quiz on cell n tissue culture subject..this class quiet interesting but some times i feel lost n dont know what mr.ra taughtus..not because im not pay attention its just that..i feel a bit slower than others...

some sisters n brothers at da back ...had their own chit chat..but as for me..

a lot of unaspectable happen .. i cant get rid of them..
i noe people changed all da time.. so do i...but at least noe ur limitation..
dont get hesitated for those might think that i talked about u..just get my point not appointing any one..but as my own advice..
just be urself..dont let others feel unconfortable wth u..get along with people well...
n da most important thing is that u noe urself..
wether u change into some thing good or bad...u noe urself better then others..

so back to da topic..hehehe..we r encourage to fast during rejab n syaaban..just before we get ready for the ramadhan..

as for me..this is da right time to get myself closer to Him..

just now we broke our fast at kedai makan at Bukit friend fav place..hehehe..apin ordered nasi grg kampung, haiza ordered n.rg patayya, syirin ordered mee hailam, siti ordered nasi putih n tom yam n i ordered nasi grg paprik..

we arrived early about 6.55pm..n after 10 minutes waiting we got our drinks...than we broke the fast was fun ...bcoz i never go out (breaking fasting) with them..i enjoyed da moment..just like b4 with other friends..

mine go took about 1/2 hours to get it..then we shared some..hehehe..x thn first we thought that if our meals not been sent by 8pm..we just want to go to ECM..KFC may b..but da meals came one by one..

then we drop by at ECM to solat maghrib n then i bought some food n milo for next day..tomorrow i goin to fasting again..

then we got back in campus..

i hope that this relationship stay stil until we grad..

love u guys..

Monday, July 20, 2009

...mOmEnT aT hOmE...

..lAsT dAyS aT hOmE...

its hard to believe that i gona get back to iiu..huhu..T_T..'m sad..
i'm cheerich all da moments...
although i wasn't in da bus yet..but the sadness came naturally.
what to journey had to go on..
there are lots and lots of things to do in iiu..

2nd juLy..
sent a pent which he left before..n also a box of cookies..hope u like it bro..=)

4th juLy..
my family n i some student from S.M.K sri Intan who are the kadets polis that my papa incharge for their states level camping.. ..were going on picnic at Jeram lenang..its so owesome..bcoz we were eagerly wanna be there since papa n mama always make excusesn..of course not all da time we sisters n bros could be together..we have greate time together..hahaha..

6th juLy..
mama got a so sad..bcoz mama normally or usually be strong..but that day she looked so pale..i cant stand it..that day i cooked all meals..breakfast, lunch,n dinner..mama mc..she just laied on bed with blanket...papa seemed very worried..i far as im concerned..papa also not really good in health..
p/l : papa..mama..akak love both of u soooo much...

7th juLy..
da new intakes for session 09/10..apin called me n said she had to back to campus early..which means today..

8th juLy..
mama was ok..she treated all of us pizza hut..whoohoo..mama n papa u guys rocks..hahaha...jgn mare...mama said this treat occasionally due to cangratz ijoy bcoz he will b going to canada soon...n also for me..bcoz im leaving ...huhu...we went to da restaurent by 2 cars..wira n nissan sunny..the males with papa riding nisssan n the females with mama riding on wira...on da way back nisssan got stuck.all of suddent its stop n then cont.for 3 times..but i bet its ok now..since cik wak n others reaired it..

9th juLy..
ijoy wawa n i went to imegresion office ..ijoy had to make visa n passport..then we met wawa's friend..then we went to KBMall..while waiting for da passport to ready..we ate at McD..them we bought some clothes n a shoe for ijoy..that eve ijoy went back to subang bcoz on monday he will be attending Biro Tata Negara a.k.a BTN..

11 juLy..
mama school had a trip for standard 6 student who will be taking UPSR soon at Kolam air Panas La..which situated in jerteh terrengganu..once again wawa, emi, ali n i went was fun n memorable..

13th juLy..
i felt sad ..i dont wanna leaved my home, papa n mama, adk2...all da time at home is very precious to me...

then my live i in iiu..with new spirit..i dont wanna repeate paper again..its tiring..

..iSraK dAn mI'rAj..

...hArI yAng pErLu dIingAti...

..kita di sunatkan berpuasa pd hari ini..israk dan mi'raj jatuh pada 27 rejab setahun seblm hijrah.bln rejab merupakan bulan yang punya byk keberkatannya..

..berikut rentetan peristiwa...

sebelum hari israk dan mi'raj

Rasulullah S.A.W. mengalami pembedahan dada / perut, dilakukan oleh malaikat Jibrail dan Mika'il. Hati Baginda S.A.W.. dicuci dengan air zamzam, dibuang ketul hitam ('alaqah) iaitu tempat syaitan membisikkan waswasnya. Kemudian dituangkan hikmat, ilmu, dan dalam dada Rasulullah S.A.W. Setelah itu, dadanya dijahit dan dimeterikan dengan "khatimin nubuwwah". Selesai pembedahan, didatangkan binatang bernama Buraq untuk ditunggangi oleh Rasulullah dalam perjalanan luar biasa yang dinamakan "Israk" itu.

semasa israk - Perjalanan dari Masjidil-Haram ke Masjidil-Aqsa

Sepanjang perjalanan (israk) itu Rasulullah S.A.W. diiringi oleh malaikat Jibrail dan Israfil. Tiba di tempat-tempat yang mulia dan bersejarah, Rasulullah telah diarah oleh Jibrail supaya berhenti dan bersembahyang sebanyak dua rakaat. Antara tempat-tempat berkenaan ialah:

i. Negeri Thaibah (Madinah), tempat di mana Rasulullah akan melakukan hijrah.
ii. Bukit Tursina, iaitu tempat Nabi Musa A.S. menerima wahyu daripada Allah;
iii. Baitul-Laham (tempat Nabi 'Isa A.S. dilahirkan);

semasa mi'raj - Naik ke Hadhratul-Qudus Menemui Allah

Didatangkan Mikraj (tangga) yang indah dari syurga. Rasulullah S.A.W. dan Jibrail naik ke atas tangga pertama lalu terangkat ke pintu langit dunia (pintu Hafzhah).

i. Langit Pertama: Rasulullah S.A.W. dan Jibrail masuk ke langit pertama, lalu berjumpa dengan Nabi Adam A.S. Kemudian dapat melihat orang-orang yang makan riba` dan harta anak yatim dan melihat orang berzina yang rupa dan kelakuan mereka sangat huduh dan buruk. Penzina lelaki bergantung pada susu penzina perempuan.

ii. Langit Kedua: Nabi S.A.W. dan Jibrail naik tangga langit yang kedua, lalu masuk dan bertemu dengan Nabi 'Isa A.S. dan Nabi Yahya A.S.

iii. Langit Ketiga: Naik langit ketiga. Bertemu dengan Nabi Yusuf A.S.
Langit Keempat: Naik tangga langit keempat. Bertemu dengan Nabi Idris A.S.
Langit Kelima: Naik tangga langit kelima. Bertemu dengan Nabi Harun A.S. yang dikelilingi oleh kaumnya Bani Israil.

vi. Langit Keenam: Naik tangga langit keenam. Bertemu dengan Nabi-Nabi. Seterusnya dengan Nabi Musa A.S. Rasulullah mengangkat kepala (disuruh oleh Jibrail) lalu dapat melihat umat baginda sendiri yang ramai, termasuk 70,000 orang yang masuk syurga tanpa hisab.

vii. Langit Ketujuh: Naik tangga langit ketujuh dan masuk langit ketujuh lalu bertemu dengan Nabi Ibrahim Khalilullah yang sedang bersandar di Baitul-Ma'mur dihadapi oleh beberapa kaumnya. Kepada Rasulullah S.A.W., Nabi Ibrahim A.S. bersabda, "Engkau akan berjumapa dengan Allah pada malam ini. Umatmu adalah akhir umat dan terlalu dha'if, maka berdoalah untuk umatmu. Suruhlah umatmu menanam tanaman syurga iaitu LA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH.

viii. Tangga Kelapan: Di sinilah disebut "al-Kursi" yang berbetulan dengan dahan pokok Sidratul-Muntaha. Rasulullah S.A.W. menyaksikan pelbagai keajaiban pada pokok itu: Sungai air yang tak berubah, sungai susu, sungai arak dan sungai madu lebah. Buah, daun-daun, batang dan dahannya berubah-ubah warna dan bertukar menjadi permata-permata yang indah. Unggas-unggas emas berterbangan. Semua keindahan itu tak terperi oleh manusia. Baginda Rasulullah S.A.W. dapat menyaksikan pula sungai Al-Kautsar yang terus masuk ke syurga. Seterusnya baginda masuk ke syurga dan melihat neraka berserta dengan Malik penunggunya.

ix. Tangga Kesembilan: Di sini berbetulan dengan pucuk pokok Sidratul-Muntaha. Rasulullah S.A.W. masuk di dalam nur dan naik ke Mustawa dan Sharirul-Aqlam. Lalu dapat melihat seorang lelaki yang ghaib di dalam nur 'Arasy, iaitu lelaki di dunia yang lidahnya sering basah berzikir, hatinya tertumpu penuh kepada masjid dan tidak memaki ibu bapanya.

x. Tangga Kesepuluh: Baginda Rasulullah sampai di Hadhratul-Qudus dan Hadhrat Rabbul-Arbab lalu dapat menyaksikan Allah S.W.T. dengan mata kepalanya, lantas sujud. Kemudian berlakulah dialog antara Allah dan Muhammad.

setelah mikraj

Rasulullah S.A.W. turun ke langit dunia semula. Seterusnya turun ke Baitul-Maqdis dengan menunggang Buraq ke Mekah pada malam yang sama. Dalam perjalanan ini baginda bertemu dengan beberapa peristiwa yang kemudiannya menjadi saksi (bukti) peristiwa Israk dan Mikraj yang amat ajaib itu (Daripada satu riwayat peristiwa itu berlaku pada malam Isnin, 27 Rejab, kira-kira 18 bulan sebelum hijrah).


Thursday, July 16, 2009

...mOmEnT aT hOmE...

2nD mOnTh

lame duk umh..kadang boring..kadang2 penat..kadang2 sampai x th nak buat ape..hehehe..but for this like hectic for my family n i..hehehe..we went to a lot of places..

1st jUnE

i'm feeling sad..lot of things happend to me..well as a big sister..i had to faced all of them...
today i broke the laptop..but i refuced to confess it..hehehe..actually its an excuse to not let emi n ali playing games..

2nd jUnE

-its eddy birthday to day..n also wawa is home..hehehe..after a week holiday in semenyih after her sem ends..

4th jUnE

hari ni paling byk kenduri kawin..papa n mama pg dari pagi sampai ptg..hehehe ain pun tompang sekaki..hehehe..for k.jiji n hubby..selamat pengantin baru.semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu..

5th jUnE

ari ni mak cik rosaini officially pindah so sad.. for org2 kat balik mesti rindu celoteh die.. ade buat makn2 skt..huhu..

6th jUnE
its mama birthday..happy birthday mama u...

10th jUnE

mama n papa..ijoy n wawa...betolak ke kl.. cozz ijoy ade convo..that nite diorag stay kat umh sewa wawa...ea la since wawa sewa umhkn..

today rase bengang sgt ..ali punye that day papa actualy nak bwk ali bile ali buat hal.. kene la dia..i said 'if ali ikut then akak pun nak ikut jugak'..

so ali x dpt pg..hahaha padan muka..

11th jUnE

ijoy convo...congratz !!!...for ur convo n also ur acceptance to continue study in Carleton University, Canada...

wawa dpt th kwn die msk icu coz demam denggi....n die pg lawat kawn nye sekali...

12th jUnE

mereka sume da balik...

13th jUnE

mama belanja satay sempena hari jadi eddy n mama..n emi that coming soon..eddy n emi x larat nak makan ..coz b4 that die da melantak kat pasar malam..hahahaha...

15th jUnE

ari ni pasar ngan wawa since x de org nak pg...heeheh..ktorg beli baju n wawa beli sandal baru...

17th jUnE

happy birthday oppo..

18th jUnE

birthday emi..

25th jUnE

wawa dpt duit hari ni..
so die belanja da whole family makan kfc..hehehe..susah nak dpt wawa belanja..emi x nak pg sebb nak main game..ilah x dpt pg coz ade class mlm..

29th jUnE

ain dapt th pawas da ade kat ktrg kuar same jln 2.n chit chat byk2.. updat sume cite2..
hehehe biase la pompuan..ade je bende yg nak di ceritakan..

...mOmEnT aT hOmE...

1st mOnTh...

days passed days..
every i woke up n do house work..which includes washed clothes n dishes..cooked for lunch..sept the ofcourse watching alot of tv dramas..hehehe..

nothing seems interesting to share actulally but..its seems that..when i'm home i feel secured..i feel more close to my papa n mama..n also my adik2..hehehe..its da rite time to bully them ..hahaha..

but still i have to do house work...

who says im not njoying staying at home.. these are some sort of my activities through out da 1st month holidays =P..

22nd - 24th mEi

- went to my "friends wedding" n da same time abh abg had awarded DATO' sad i cant attend it..

28th - 29 th mEi

- went to MRSM Jasin..for attending eddy' school occasion Muafakat meeting n parents- teachers day..heheh..jd pak turut je..bcoz only mama n i went there by bus n then the next nite we back home..
- not to forget..28th mei is ilah's birthday..

every day is like a happy day for me..

Friday, July 10, 2009

hari2..terakhir d rumah..


dah nak kene balik uia..
mama papa x nak balik bley x..

hehehe..ngade2nye budak ni..
baru je bwt on9 reg..
x sabar nak balik..
tp tu la still..barg blm pack lagi..x th la ape nak jd ni..