Sunday, May 6, 2012

... tHe 1St n The LasT...


yesterday 5th May 2012... i had a wonderful moment ... i feel like i was in college time..having fun with juniors and friends on the field... playing around.. but this time mixed.. boys n gurls.. hehehe.. previously while in college we only have sisters but now differ.... it was so fun and good to release tension.. since it was my 1st and last... in final semester ...i wish to attend as many event as possible.. any time that i feel available..hehehe... Uskhwah Day Sciencess 2012.. so happy...

we were divided in few groups.. so i was in Coral (orange)..hehehe...yeay..we got da best house.. 1st placed!!!! yyooohhooo!!! hehehe...

i was really excited since da day before.. unfortunately my besties could not join... some of them went home, some of them had a vacation with family and some of them had unfinished job n some had not known where about..huhuhuhu..(SAD).. T_T.

but Coralians made me happy all day...hehehe.. we had lots of game like explorace, war fight, tug of war, 'baling selipar'... puzzle memory (i was in da game n got 1st place ...yey!!!)... fishing bottles and many more..

hehehe.. so much fun n i cant describe it well.. u guys should experience them all by urself...hehehehe

here some picas that i wanna share with u.. hopefully u guys gonna like it hehehee..

...tug of war team..

..baling selipar team... coralians.. mates for puzzle memory...

..Leha n Me..

so thats all...



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